COVID-19 has hit New Mexico’s economy hard. To rebuild, we will need to rely on the resources and industries that are our state’s backbone. This includes the mining industry. We lead the way in mining minerals like copper, molybdenum, perlite and potash. Molybdenum and perlite will be used in construction, building and infrastructure projects. Potash will be used to help grow important crops that feed New Mexicans. And our state’s renewable energy infrastructure is reliant on our copper resources. Additionally, New Mexico’s mining industry create high paying jobs that drive local economies.

Mining will help build the New Mexico of the future. That’s why it’s important to support natural resource champions today who are committed to helping our mining industry thrive and communities prosper.

New Mexico’s Natural Resource Champions

Candie Sweetser for House District 32

Candi Sweetser is a champion for New Mexico’s economy. As our State Representative, she knows that working with our mining and agricultural industries can provide hundreds of local families with stable, good-paying jobs that respect our local environment and preserve the beauty of our region.

In the New Mexico State House, Candi will continue working for us, making sure that our local economy is protected.

Jane Powdrell-Culbert for House District 44

For nearly two decades, Jane Powdrell-Culbert has served us as our State Representative. She’s delivered countless projects for our local community, like improving our highways and flood prevention systems, as well as delivering more funding for mental health services and schools.

Jane knows that when we all work together, we can unleash New Mexico’s economy and deliver good jobs for all. In the New Mexico House, Jane will fight for us because we’re all in this together.

Luis Terrazes for House District 39

Luis Terrazas has been a small business owner in Grant County for over two decades. In that time, he’s employed dozens of local workers, giving them economic security and good-paying jobs.

Luis will work with our natural resources to unleash New Mexico’s energy sector, creating hundreds of new jobs for local families. By working with local companies and local workers, Luis knows that we can create an economy that works for everyone.

Jason Harper for House District 57

Jason is a Rio Rancho local with a passion for serving the local community. His career has taken him around the world, serving our country during global pandemics. He’s a Boy Scout leader, and through his professional expertise, helped local hospitals during the COVID-19 pandemic by producing sterilization and ventilation equipment.

As we enter uncertain economic times, it’s important to support leaders like Jason, who have a track record of always putting us first.

He knows that together we can make New Mexico work for all of us.

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