COVID-19 has hit New Mexico’s economy hard. To rebuild, we will need to rely on the resources and industries that are our state’s backbone. This includes the mining industry. We lead the way in mining minerals like copper, molybdenum, perlite and potash. Molybdenum and perlite will be used in construction, building and infrastructure projects. Potash will be used to help grow important crops that feed New Mexicans. And our state’s renewable energy infrastructure is reliant on our copper resources. Additionally, New Mexico’s mining industry create high paying jobs that drive local economies.

Mining will help build the New Mexico of the future. That’s why it’s important to support natural resource champions today who are committed to helping our mining industry thrive and communities prosper.

New Mexico’s Natural Resource Champions

Crystal Diamond for Senate District 35

Crystal was raised in southern New Mexico and understands first-hand how important natural resources are to her community. In her youth, she was active in 4-H and Future Farmers of American. She holds degrees in Agricultural Economics and Agricultural Business from New Mexico State University. Crystal knows that New Mexico’s economy depends on a strong and stable natural resources industry. She’s committed to protecting the responsible use of our lands and natural resources.

Rebecca Dow for House District 38

Rebecca knows how important the copper industry is to her community. She is proud to protect these living wage jobs so many in her community rely on to support their families. A businesswoman at heart, Rebecca holds an associate degree in Early Learning Childhood from Tulsa Community College and a Business Management degree from Oral Roberts University. Together with her husband, Aaron, they own and operate Dow Technology.

Candie Sweetser for House District 32

As a native New Mexican, Candie appreciates the importance mining plays in our community. As our advocate in Santa Fe, Candie will protect our natural resources and the jobs that come along with those industries. She is committed to building a business climate that will attract and retain employers to our community so it can continue to thrive.

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